Out with the old, in with the new………..

It is a great theme as “occupy everything” blossoms, I am putting to sleep the original Nature’s Geometry site, circa 1998, to launch our tightened up and visually appropriate new face into the ethers……….. global demonstrations herald a cocophany of voices bearing testiment to desired change that is necessary if we want to leave something for our grandkids.

Kendra and I will participate in the Mineralintage in Munich, we then have a slight diversion to Jaipur India, where I will present to a conference a talk about Brasil’s potential as a gemstone   resource. I will sneak into my talk, the importance of sustainable development and corporate responsibility for social contributions.  It is a key point for our industry and actions always speak louder than words. From Jaipur we go to London town! In another presentation I will give a tall tale about the most beautiful and magic stone to emerge from earth, original Paraiba tourmaline…….



I hope this blog stuff is fun, educational, and works………… Brian Cook

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